micro nail replacement rollers
micro nail replacement rollermicro nail replacement rollers

Micro Nail Replacement Rollers


Micro Smooth and Shine Replacement Rollers are only for Micro Nail Device. The Micro Nail is innovation Nail Care device which helps for buffing, shining and even smoothing your nails.

This device is ideal for making your nails wear ready to smooth by and wear nail polish onto glide without much effort.


Product Description

Every single Pack contains 2 Micro Shine Rollers and 2 Micro Smooth Rollers

  • Micro Smooth Rollers

The Smooth Rollers are Grey Green color and helps for quickly smoothing ridges off your nails. These should be used first but only for 2 seconds on each and every nail. Use it only once in every two weeks.

  • Micro Shine Rollers

Micro Shine Rollers are of White Color. These help for giving your nails the natural shine. You can use them whenever you feel the need to make your nails shine.

Important: Only use on nails! Before you use, it’s important that you read the instruction menu first.  Keep this device and rollers away from children. Only use the smooth rollers for 2 second per each nail and not more than once in 2 weeks.

See Yourself How MICRO Nail works


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