Emjoi Micro Nail
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Emjoi Micro Nail

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A worldwide Premium! Micro Nail is an electric nail polisher which buffs, shines and even smoothes you nails in matter of seconds.

If you are looking for natural, shiny nails without the need of any expensive treatment, then the Emjoi Micro Nail is made for you!

To keep it short, Micro Nail is the new innovation of an electric nail polisher which makes your nail beautifully shiny without much effort.

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Product Description

Each Micro Nail Kit contains the following items

  • 2x Micro Smooth Roller, this smoothes the ridges in matter of second thus giving you a smooth yet a bit tedious nail bed
  • 2x Micro Shine Roller, this helps for buffing nails in order to obtain quick reveal for the natural shine
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • Easy to use Drawstring Pouch for safekeeping rollers safekeeping your rollers

Important Queries

Does Micro Smooth Roller cause Pain?

Not at all, instead it gently smoothes the top layer of nails! Even if you accidently brush skin around nails, you will feel no pain at all!

What if pressed too hard, will it damage the nails?

There is a built in pressure resistance control in Micro Nail. This will make sure you press the device firmly. Even if you press to hard, the roller will automatically stop! Release the pressure until there is movement once again. This device is so effective that you won`t need to press hard and it works only in few hours.

How often should I use this device?

It is recommended that you only use Micro Nail smooth rollers once every two weeks. But, you can use the Micro Shine units whenever you like

How long the Effects of Micro Nail Last?

This widely depends on your use! What do you do with your nails as well as the products you use! However, according to research, it has been found out that finish can last up to two weeks!

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