How To Paint Your Nails

How To Paint Your Nails

Want to paint your nails but can`t do it right? Don`t worry, there`s always a first time! So are you ready for the first time you will paint your nails like a pro. It`s not easy but sure ain`t impossible. Read on carefully and practice a few times before considering you are ready for the big ticket!

Step 1: Fit the nail file under fingernail. It should be between the skin on tip of under and under your nail tip. Now drag nail file in one direction in short. To get a rounded look, curve the file around underside of corners, but file should only be in one direction. File until you get your length and shape

Step 2: Grasp some buffer in the same way you will nail file. Now rub it over on top of nail but keep it in shorter strokes. Now work the cuticle from top to tip. However, keep the buffing in one direction.

Step 3: use the cuticle or body lotion. Apply the lotion on cuticles and rub with pointer finger. After you are done, its time you brush them gently only in one direction. However you should use a cuticle buffer or a nail buffer for this.

Step 4: Time to clean up, after you have buffed the cuticles. You need to wash hands and scrape the residue around cuticles as well as underside your nails.

Step 5: Now apply the base coat. This will support finger nail with thumb. Start with the cuticle and let the brush fan out over nail as you move towards the tip. Work from left to right so you won`t miss a spot.

Step 6: Choosing the color, a bit fun. This is your choice but just so you know. Make informed decisions keeping the type and shape of your nails in mind. But don`t make this too hard or you will never be satisfied.

Step 7:  Prepare the Brush, dipping your brush in the color as well as dragging it out and wiping it on the rim of bottle while avoiding re-dipping in the bottle. Wipe the other side with opposite side of rim while pressing it firmly. This way your brush will slightly fan. Continue the pull all way out of bottle and wipe extra paint to the rim.

Step 8: Application of First coat.  Start with cuticle, apple brush to nail and press down. Let the brush fat out and draw to tip of nail with left to right motion.

Step 9: Application of Second Coat. This is the same as step 7 and 8, basically a repetition. The only difference is it`s after the first coat.

Step 10:  Protecting Tips. After second coat repeat a right to left movement but only along edge thus sealing paint off the tip and improving life of manicure ultimately.

Step 11: Application of Top Coat.  Follow the step 5 and let the top coat dry fast. This will save you the pain of blowing your hands the entire night. Again you need to repeat step 7 and 8 but keep of the seal of tips.