How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

Removing Nail Polish Naturally

Every girl love to keep her nails clean. Well the story doesn`t end here, not anymore. Today, Nail art is not only limited to nail polish, it’s your imagination. Well with that being said, let’s get to the point. Nail removers are bit more important than polishes themselves. Why? Because these help you making room for more color, but what to do when you are out and can`t rely on market. Keeping a few facts in mind, the following guide have been assembled for you!

Different Types of Nail Polish Remover

Basically there are two types of nail polish remover. The one which is made with Acetone and second which isn’t. the ones not made with Acetone are called Acetone Free. But, if you do not have a remover and desperately need one, fortunately you can use some alternatives. There are a couple of common house hold items you can use.

The Acetone removers help removing the polish a bit quicker. These also help for removing the glitter in addition of cleaning your nails after application of nail polish. However, it does have a few disadvantages. These ultimately dry out natural nails with surrounding skin and cuticles. These can also melt Styrofoam and plastic. Something you should keep in mind before tipping your container and cleaning up the mess.

The Acetone Free removers a little polite! They are less likely to dry your nails, remember I use the word “less”! The good thing is, they don`t smell as awful as the Acetone ones. But if widely depends on the brand you prefer, if your nails are brittle then it won`t be much of a headache. However, it may take a little more time then you ideally would want.

Don’t Have Remover?

A nightmare for every girl, well after brief research about nails, I found that if you are out of remover and want to remove your paint, then you can depend on the followings!

  • Perfume
  • Hair Spray
  • Paint for clear coat on and wiping off quickly

Good news is, I have tried all of them and found they work. To see if these are really effective, I supported base coat with two coats of main color. I choose a solid color to test the removing capabilities and what to expect from these. In the end, I was satisfied with the results. They all did an acceptable job without messing my nails or anything. But here are few handy tips I would like to share, use top coat polish, first use the perfume on middle coat layer while hairspray on last one.

In order to get rid of clear coat, prefer wet wipes, apply a couple of coats first and see their magic. But when using hair spray and perfume, go for cotton balls. These work quickly and are effective. But don`t waste too much money on these, just keep these for emergency. The last option is hand sanitizer, none of these worked. The last thing on my mind is Rubbing Alcohol. It’s not impressive but when you have nothing of the above mentioned, dare to trust it!