How To Shape Your Nails

How To Shape Your Nails

Do you know which the best accessory is for a girl? Perfectly manicured nails! But if you are unable to salon once in two weeks, it’s high time for a break. Leave all your businesses and come straight for doing your own nails. Filing your nails is good for fresh manicure. But which shape should you choose, on top of it, how you can achieve it, well forget everything else and carry on with our nail filing guide.

Which shape is best for you?

How do you know which shape is right for your nails? If you have wide nails, go for Squoval but if they are narrowed, go for square in order to widen them up. But if you are into short nails, the rounded shape is ideal for you.

  • Square

Classic French, well thanks to its strong side walls and rounded or sharpened tips. If you have big nail beds, then you must try this, remember, this shape doesn`t work for short nails as they will look short and wide! In order to create get this classic shape, file the side walls straight and perpendicular towards the free edge of nails. Once you have the precise square, it’s time to adjust the emery boards as well as beveling your nails.

  • Almond (also known as the Pointy ones)

A popular one among the acrylic nail art, it’s quite famous in Europe and Asia. Celebs like Fergie and Lady Gaga are always supporting it. However, it’s not ideal for everyday look. This shape requires you to slenderize and lengthen your fingers. After that, you also need to file the side walls proper and taper them until you have what you wanted.

  • Round

One of the most conservative shapes out there! The round shape is ideal for both men and women, especially for people who like short nails. It`s basically a flattering for wide nails as it tricks us for illusion of thin nail beds. In order to obtain this shape, you need to file the side walls straight making a square, later round the very edges free until you have a precise swooped circle.

  • Oval

Oval nail shape can be defined as the tapered side walls of oval. This is perhaps the most elegant nail shape for females. This shape goes with both wide and narrow nail types. In addition, it also adds a bit life with help of stylish tip. In order to perfect this shape, start with filing side walls straight and even. Later shape the side walls into a rounded oval while make sure the angles are even on both sides.

  • Squoval (Square Oval)

The square oval shape is resulted by combination of oval with the power of square. It’s quite a popular nail shape for most fingers. Starting with a square, straight and even the side walls, later you need to file covers till you are free edged and are well beveled and proper rounded. Keep in mind you still require strong side supports. Therefore don`t be too file supportive.