How To Make Nail Polish

The art of making nail polish is not an impossible job today and every day. Tons of shades and tints exist in market now, but do you want to make a totally exceptional and bulging color yourself? Don’t worry this small how-to guide will clear up you with the easiest method.

There are many methods to make a mind blowing nail polish color in home but, I will keep my method simple and lean so you don’t get any type of confusion.

Things we need to make nail polish:

  • Eye-shade Colors
  • Plastic Food Bag
  • Rolling Pin
  • Envelope or Note Card
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Empty Nail Polish Bottle
  • Glitter
  • Tiny Steel Ball Bearings (optional)

Steps by Step Guide How to Make Nail Polish in Home

Step No.1 Take an eye shadow of your favourite color on which you want your nail polish to be created. You can buy any eye-shade from local store or online. If you already have eye-shades at your home you can use those.

Step No.2 Now you need to make your eye shadow in powder form. If it’s already powder that’s okay but if it is in solid block, you need to crush it. Take the plastic bag and put the eye shadow in it and crush it with the help of rolling pan. You need to crush it properly so no pieces should be remaining. In order to make your nail polish smooth you need to be gentle with the crushing thing.

Step No.3 Now take an envelope or curl up the note card and make a small funnel. Now once you have a perfect card funnel use the glue or staple to make it in the shape for a long time.

Step No.4 Pick up the empty nail polish bottle. Insert the neck of the funnel in the bottles opening. Now put the powder in the bottle but don’t fill it to the top, make the bottle half filled.

Step No.5 Now add some glitter in the bottle also the tiny steel ball bearings and mix it. Now shake the bottle for a while till when the pigment is evenly dispersed.

If you want to add some thinner in the nail polish add it. It’s up to your choice. You need to apply 3-4 coats on your nails but before you apply nail polish  to your nails you must polish or smooth-en your nails with some nail buffering tool like Emjoi micro nail.

Make your fingers beautiful by adding awesome colors and make your nails glow and shiny every day.