How To Do Gel Nails

How To Do Gel Nails

If you are a girl then you would be definitely obsessed about doing your nails, or even getting your nails done by someone, as this is basically the birth right of every girl to have some color on her nails. Surely there are a lot of different options when you are willing to have some fun with your nails, as now days the nail art or the manicure is just not limited to one type, there are too many types that you would definitely like to try while looking for a manicure that could suit your style.

The gel nails are pretty much popular these, and there is not on reason that they are popular, as they provide much options and more protection to your nails as in comparison to other nail manicures that you can easily do on your nails. The gel nails provide the strength and the natural look as much as the acrylic nails can provide, but the good things Is that they are completely odourless, nil damage and the lifting of the nails that is required for the acrylic nails.

You can get your gel nails get done by a professional also, but doing that on your own is not that much difficult, as juts there are some things that you will need along with following the right steps, so that you get your nails done in the right manner.

Make Your Nails Ready

If you already have any nail polish then remove that by the help of moisturising nail polish remover and afterwards use another cotton ball to remove the nail polish that is stuck in the corners of your nails, softy swipe the cotton balls wet in the remover on your nails, upwards and downwards to do so.

Now trim your nails, and push back the cuticles, it will help your gel nails to stay longer on your nails. You can also buff your nails, in order to make the surface of nails flat.

Now start the application by applying the primer, it comes with the brush and you should apply this in a very thin layer so that it should cover your nails surface all over. Let it dry.

Apply the UV gel nails after; make sure that you use the brush with each product that comes with that, so it does not mix up your products with each other. Dry it in the UV light; it will take 2 to 3 minutes generally. Repeat this again, and this time it will take about 3 to 4 minutes. Apply the third coat of the UV gel, and make sure that you fill in any spots left on your nails,  use the light again, it will take more than 6 minutes as more the gel more the time it will take to dry.

At last buff your nails, so they are in perfect shape, afterwards wash your hand with soap and moisturise your hand with some soothing lotion. Your nails are done.