What should I know about Micro Nail?

Micro Nail is the new and innovative Nail Care product useful for buffing, Shining and making your nails smooth in seconds. It comes with two different rollers! The first one is Micro Smooth Roller. It is used to smooth out any ridges. The Second one is Micro Shine Roller. As the name suggests, it’s used to get a natural and beautiful shine.

How do I use this Device?

Before you use the Emjoi Micro Nail, it is advised you carefully read the Instruction Booklet. In case you have lost your booklet, feel free to contact us. Assure the safety lock sticker is removed with protective cover before you use.

What else should I expect with this Device?

When you buy a Micro Nail, you will receive a Micro nail device with a Micro Smooth Roller Mounted on. In addition, you will also have 1 extra Smooth Roller, 2 Shine Rollers, 1 Instruction Booklet and 2 AA Batteries.

Who cannot Use this device?

This device is not advised to use by children and people with reduced sensory, mental as well as physical capabilities. However, if they are supervised by an adult, they can use this device. Children as their nails are not been properly formed therefore can be permanently damaged. In case you are suffering from skin or mental problems, do concern your doctor before use.

Where I should buy Replacement Rollers From?

Replacement Rollers are only advised to be bought from EmjoiMicroNail.com

How many rollers come in the each Micro Shine & Replacement Roller Pack?

Every pack contains two Micro Rollers whether they are shine or smooth

How long does the Micro Smooth Roller can last?

These rollers can last up to two months but it widely depends on your use. A roller must not be used more than 2 seconds per nail and not more than once a week. If the roller is ineffective, replace it at once!

How long does the Micro Shine Roller Lasts?

These also last up to two months but once again it depends on user. These are needed to improve shine!

Should I use other Rollers with Micro Nail Device?

No, only Emjoi Rollers can be used with Micro Nail Device

Is Micro Nail Device Recyclable?

Yes, but its only possible with time. To recycle the product, simply send it back to us. Emjoi is registered with WEE with reference number of WEE/FH2757ZW.

Should I expect any warranty with this device?

Yes, every device comes with two year warranty. The warranty is noted from date of purchase. For warranty service, the original recipient must be kept close. During the warranty period, you need to return this product to us in addition of proof of your purchase.