Best Nail Art for Short Nails

Best Nail Art for Short Nails

Ever head the expression Earth without art is just Eh! Therefore, we can implement art on anything we like. Keep in mind that the loud is no longer an option. instead you should go with something a bit sophisticated yet elegant.  I get it you are not blessed with long nails but still you can work on it if you want. You can start from simple stripes to a negative space with ombre effects. Don`t make figuring nail design too hard for you. Short nails cannot go with every other design you have in mind. Therefore after a manicure, designing on short nails can cost a bit more money.

After talking with a number of manicurists, I found that the best way to enjoy benefits of nails is nothing struggling with the right pattern of decision. Look for the possible designs and trends for short nails. You can refer to saloons for help as long as you don`t want to spend money. First tip is to go for round shape with short nails. Try oval, this is the best option as it makes your nails a bit longer. Use dark colors instead of white. For your convenience, here is a design. Instead of sharing a picture with you! I have mentioned every detail to help you make it. But if you are Hungry for more designs, This is 21st century and you can rely on the internet for almost any piece of information.

Creating a design

Creating Nail Design on Short ones sounds like a joke. The good news is, it isn`t one. I am now going to help you creating an exceptional design for short nails. But first, always use dark color and avoid long strokes if you want good effect of design. Working with black, I am planning to go downwards instead of upwards. This will be a bit harder.

Starting from right hand side, position your brush stroke downwards and start a downwards upward motion to cover your entire nail. It is important that you work from different point. In order to cover the entire nail, go across and then come back at starting point. Keep it in a semi circle upwards motion. After painting your nails black with the same motion, its time you add some life into the art. Yes, put a bright color such as silver into the equation.

Don`t use too much silver. Remember your nails are short so just fill the corners. Position your brush in order to fill the corners and proceed neatly. Now repeat, start from right hand and position the brush at shorter stroke for better results. Now get back to same point and go gain for the other layer of coat. Work from different point which in simple is corner of nails.

Maintain a semi circle movement. Fill your nails with a little bit silver keeping the right about in mind. In short, all you did was painting your nails black and add a bit silver to get good effects even on short nails.